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7630 34th Ave N
Saint Petersburg FL 33710
(Off Tyrone)

(The old Donk's Place)






Stop in and see Sarah




Stop in and see Bianca...

Hot, fun Girl working Sunday's daytime


Updated Review
April 24, 2017

I have returned twice since my first review and I must say the place is shaping up. Sarah Seems to have gotten to know the patrons and the old Donks regulars are returning. I stopped in for happy hour after work on a Friday and really felt like I belonged there... Sarah makes everyone feel at home and has a great personality.

I stopped in on a Sunday after a day of Harley Whore'n on the beach and found Bianca working... she said for now she's only working Sundays daytime, but stop in and hang with her . she's a fun girl and a good addition for this place.


My Review.....

I stopped in one Sunday Harley'n on the way home from the beach... It had been open a little over a week. The place is laid out mostly the same as Donks, but has some upgrades... New Granite bar, Wood paneling ( which I think gives it a nice feel)...New Bar Stools... A new Kitchen ( no open yet). The kitchen is now enclosed from the bar area. The Men's restroom has been remodeled ... Can't wait to take a girl in the ladies room and check the Functionability ! The little bar next store that use to have that Stripper Pole (I'm gonna miss the fun times in there) is now an office / storage area.

Let talk about some of the other positive things first... Very clean, good looking place. The biggest change that I'm sure will attract new business is they now have Liquor. The kitchen should have a much expanded menu.. when it's finally open.

Now the downside... NO SMOKING in the bar... gotta go outside... That will turn a lot of the old customers away .. but will attract new ones I'm sure.  The other turn off for many people will be ... no more DRAFT BEER. Their Miller Lite bottles are $2.50 during Happy Hour.. I assume it will be higher after Happy Hour. With new owners, comes new bartenders.... We'll see how that pans out. I've been around a lot and I've seen just about everything. Fun friendly owners and crazy fun barmaids help makes the place. One of the problems I've seen in "other new bars" are bartenders that hang in the corner with their friends or spend all their time on their cell phones.  Donk's was always a fun place and I know people will be in to check this place out.

There is one other comment I would like to make .... the worlds a little different place today because of Social Media. The word has spread within the Biker community that this place may not be Biker Friendly. One of the very popular Bikers in the area (also a regular at Donks for years).... also happens to be a talented musician who plays in local venues several times every week has had an issue with this place already. That's really not a good way to start a new business..... I hope this is not a sign of things to come... cause so far ...I like this place.... Time will tell!


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